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ICAC Research of the Year 2011 — Dr Sukumar Saha


The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) started an annual award “ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year” in 2009. The award will help raise awareness of the importance of research to improvement of the cotton industry, and it will provide international recognition of exceptional achievements. Researchers from universities and public sector research organizations can apply for the award directly, through their heads of institutions, or nominated by a colleague. Researchers from all disciplines of cotton production research including ginning, fiber quality and textile research will be eligible for the award. Researchers from the ICAC member countries are only eligible for the award.

An independent Award Panel consisting of five experts from at least four countries will choose the ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year. The Award Panel is anonymous and known only to the chairman of the Award Panel. The Award Panel will select each year, one outstanding researcher in cotton. The ICAC will award him/her with a shield, an honorarium of US$1,000.00, a certificate, and the title “ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year.” The certificate, to be signed by the Chairman of the Standing Committee, will be awarded at each Plenary Meeting of the ICAC, if the selected researcher is able to attend the meeting. The selected researcher will be invited to make a special presentation at the Plenary Meeting during the Technical Seminar on his/her contributions to cotton research and his/her vision for the future. If the recipient is unable to attend the plenary meeting, the shield, honorarium and certificate will be mailed.

Selection Procedure

All instructions to apply for the award and obtain uniform information on nomination details of each candidate are available on this web page. Nominations will be submitted only on-line and information will go directly to the Award Panel. The Chairman of the Award Panel, based on rating from the five Award Panel Members, will forward the name of the finalist to the ICAC Secretariat for announcement as the “ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year.” The ICAC will accept nominations from February 1 to March 31 each year. Finalist will be announced on May 1st, and will be formally invited to the next plenary meeting.

Award Panel will judge nominees on the evidence of:

- Awards/recognition (national and international),
- Publications (books, chapters, peer-reviewed papers, non-reviewed papers),
- Conferences attended,
- Major achievement,
- Contributions to the cotton industry,

The ICAC has arranged to distribute the nomination packages directly to the five members of the Awards Panel. The Chairman of the Awards Panel will notify the ICAC Secretariat of the award recipient. Candidates have to apply afresh every year.

Instructions For Preparing Nomination Package

FORMAT: single spacing, 12 point font, 2 cm page margins.

The nomination package consists of the following items:

- Nominee name and address,
- Field of research,
- Awards/recognitions,
- Publications, including book chapters, peer reviewed papers, and non-reviewed papers,
- Conferences attended, national and international,
- List of innovative achievements,
- Short summaries of the nominees best research papers.

The nomination package shall consist of 10 pages maximum.

Nominations that do not adhere to the standard form, length, font size, and other instructions will be returned to the nominator.

Nominations received before February 1 or after March 31 will not be accepted for consideration. Nominations for 2011 are now closed. All information must be provided in the format given in the enclosed Nomination Form and emailed to nominations@icac.org. The Award Panel will not consider any application sent to any other email address.

Nomination Form (16K PDF)

ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year 2011
Dr. Sukumar Saha

Dr Sukumar Saha

ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year 2010
Dr. Freddie Marshall Bourland

Dr Freddi Marshall Bourland

ICAC Cotton Researcher of the Year 2009
Dr. Keshav Raj Kranthi

Dr  Kranthi