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Conferences and Events

Conferences and Workshops

World Cotton Research Conference
Mumbai, India. 7-11 November, 2011

70th Plenary Meeting of the ICAC
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 4-10 September, 2011

International Workshop
Estimating Cotton Supply and Use in the 21st Century.
Beijing, China. 21-22 June, 2011

Best Practices to Ensure Responsible Sourcing in the Cotton Value Chain.
Washington DC. 11 May, 2011

Cotton Price Volatility: Transparency of Cotton Supply and Use and Trade Policies.
Washington DC. 8 February, 2011

VI International Uzbek Cotton Fair
Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 13-14 October

ITMF Annual Conference
Sao Paulo, Brazil. 17-19 October, 2010

International Cotton Association Annual Trade Event
Liverpool, UK. 17-19 October, 2010

TITAS 2010 Textile Show
Taipei, Taiwan. 14 October

AFCOT Annual Dinner
Deauville France. 7 October, 2010

69th Plenary Meeting of the ICAC
Lubbock, Texas, USA. 20-25 September, 2010

Gdynia Cotton Association Classification Course
Gdynia, Poland. 13 September - 29 October, 2010

International Conference on Cotton Statistics
Beijing China. 2-3 August, 2010

ACSA International Cotton Institute Course
Memphis TN. 2 June - 20 July, 2010

Associacao Nacional dos Exportadores de Algodao (ANEA) Annual Dinner
Brazil. 17-18 June, 2010

Textile Industry and National Strategies for Sustaining Global Competitivness
Moscow. 18 May, 2010

ICAC Research Associates Program:

Washington DC. 4-12 May, 2010