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Recent News

This page contains links to recent news from the ICAC including publications, press releases, staff papers and other documents of interest published by the Secretariat.




20 September

Cotton This Week — Changes in Supply and Demand Estimates

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14 September

Meeting Completed


9 September

Statement of the 70th Plenary Meeting


9 September

70th Plenary Meeting — Updated Documents of the Meeting


9 September

Election of IFCP Officers


7 September

Risk Management


6 September

Researcher of the Year — Dr. Sukumar Saha


5 September

Round Table for Biotechnology in Cotton


1 September

Small Increase in Global Cotton Consumption Expected in 2011/12


1 September

Country Fact Sheet — Argentina


30 August

Memorandum 909 — Invitation from Colombia to host the 72nd Plenary Meeting in 2013


18 August

Memorandum 908 — New Agenda for the Plenary Meeting in Argentina


17 August

Memorandum 907 — 71st Plenary Meeting, Switzerland


10 August

Private Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) — Member List


10 August

Expert Panel on Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC) — Member List



COTTON: Review of the World Situation — Volume 64 - Number 6
July-August 2011

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4 August

SC 513 — Final Minutes



Recorder — Vol. XXIX No. 2 June. Update on Cotton Production Research

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1 August

Cotton This Month — Lower World Cotton Prices In 2011/12

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29 July (94K PDF)

Consultancy - Mozambique Ministry of Agriculture


21 July

Delegates to the Standing Committee and Coordinating Agencies


20 July

SC 513 — Attachment I World Cotton Situation: 2010/11, a Season With Ups and Downs


6 July

SC 512 — Final Minutes


29 June

SC 513 — Provisional Agenda


27 June

Estimating Cotton Supply and Use in the 21st Century — Documents


25 May

Secretariat Paper (3/2011) — "Seminario Técnico Internacional sobre el Cultivo del Algodonero"
Alejandro Plastina


9 May

Aide Memoire — Nominations of Standing Committee Officers for 2011-12


29 April

Extra-Fine Cotton Update — High Prices Drive Global Extra-Fine Cotton Production Up in 2011/12

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25 April

Best Practices to Ensure Responsible Sourcing in the Cotton Value Chain — Agenda


15 April

Estimating Cotton Supply and Use in the 21st Century — Provisional Agenda


6 April

Private Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) — Provisional Agenda


5 April

International Workshop — Estimating Cotton Supply and Use in the 21st Century


1 April

Country Fact Sheet — Uzbekistan



Recorder — Vol. XXXI No. 1. March. Update on Cotton Production Research

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15 February

Cotton Price Volatility Seminar — Summary Report




18 November

ICAC/TTF International Seminar — Presentations


16 November

Technical Seminar Papers presented during the 69th Plenary Meeting of the ICAC


18 August

Private Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) — Member List


18 August

Social Environmental and Economic Performance of Cotton (SEEP) — Member List