Workshops & Programs

Research Associates Program 2006

03 April 2006 - 13 March 2006

Washington DC, Florence SC and Raleigh NC, USA

List of Participants

Program Agenda

Sustainable Cotton Production
Rafiq Chaudhry

Outlook of the World Cotton Market
Armelle Gruère

Cotton Council International
Agnieszka Fijol

Organic Cotton
PJ Wakelyn

United States Cotton Statistics
Jay V. Johnson

The U.S. Cotton Marketing System
Leslie Meyer

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service – Cotton Program
Lee Gibson

Brazil: Agriculture and Cotton Industry Overview
Savio Rafael Pereira

Cotton Situation In Colombia
Eduardo Andres Ramirez

Cotton Production and Marketing Scheme in Côte d’Ivoire
Mapri Kpolo

Arab Republic of Egypt
Mohamed El Sebaee Abdo El Shewy

Cotton Situation in Germany
Elke Hortmeyer

Cotton & textiles in the Netherlands
Peter Ton

Russian market of cotton fiber in 2005
Irina Medvedeva

Sustainable Cotton Production Forum – Sudan’s Report
Hamid Faki

Cotton Situation in Turkey
Cetin Karademir

Cotton and Turkey
Lale Efe