Workshops & Programs

Research Associates Program -2004

10 May 2005 - 19 May 2005

Washington DC, New York City and Memphis, USA

List of Participants 

Program Agenda 

Cotton in ArgentinaGabriel Angel Lacelli, Agricultural Engineer, INTA

Cotton in Colombia: Recovery and Risk ManagementLuz Amparo Fonseca Prada, Executive President, CONALGODON

Egyptian CottonAhmed Moustafa Mohamed, Head of Cotton Sector, Cotton & Textile Industries Holding Co.

Cotton Demand in KoreaChang Woon Lee, Kukil Spinning Co. Ltd.

Pakistan Cotton Market: An OverviewDr. Ibad Badar Siddiqui, Vice President, PCCC

U.S. Cotton Market and Price risk ManagementTeresa McKeivier, USDA/FAS

An Overview of the Turkish Cotton Industry, with Special Emphasis on the Available Tools and Techniques of Price risk ManagementSebahattin Gazanfer, Member of the Board, Aegean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Union

An Econometric Model of Cotton and Textile DemandCarlos A. Valderrama, ICAC

The World Cotton SituationGérald Estur, ICAC

Cost of Production of Raw CottonRafiq Chaudhry, ICAC

An Orientation to USDA’s Economic Intelligence SystemCarol Skelly, World Agricultural Outlook Board, USDA

Developments in U.S. Agricultural PolicyEdwin Young, ERS, USDA

Integration of Weather and Crop Analysis at USDA’s World Agricultural Outlook BoardUSDA

Risk Management: Crop Yield and Revenue Insurance for CottonRobert Dismukes, ERS, USDA

U.S. Cotton Production Estimates, NASSUSDA

Commodity Risk Management GroupJulie Dana and Panos Varangis, CRM, World Bank

Commodity Structure and Outlook (including Cotton)John Baffes, World Bank

The History of Cotton Futures ExchangesJohn Baffes, World Bank

WTO Agriculture NegotiationsCarlos A. Primo Braga, Senior adviser, International Trade Department, World Bank