Workshops & Programs

Research Associates Program -2010

04 May 2010 - 12 May 2010

Washington DC, USA


List of Participants 

Common Fund for Commodities Cotton ProjectsM. Rafiq Chaudhry, Technical Information Section, ICAC

Major Hurdles to Improving Productivity of CottonM. Rafiq Chaudhry, Technical Information Section, ICAC

World Cotton Prices: Overview and OutlookAlejandro Plastina, Economist, ICAC

World Cotton TradeAndrei Guitchounts, Economist, ICAC

World Cotton Outlook and Trends in YieldArmelle Gruere, Statistician, ICAC

Cotton and the EnvironmentPJ Wakelyn, Wakelyn Associates, LLC

Improving Cotton Productivity in Cameroon: Limitations to Yeild Improvement and Possible SolutionsKlassou Célestin

OverviewJ. Berrye Worsham, President and CEO, Cotton Incorporated

Sustainability StrategyEd M. Barnes, Cotton Incorporated

Agricultural ResearchKater Hake, Cotton Incorporated

Life Cycle AnalysisPatricia F O’Leary, Cotton Incorporated

Markets for Cotton By-Products: Global Trends and Implications for SSA Cotton ProducersJohn Baffes, The World Bank

Cotton Industry in RussiaOlga Folomina, Russia

Life Cycle Analysis. Quantifying Cotton’s Foot PrintLCA

Biotech Cotton, Yield Improvement and Impacts on Global Biotechnology PolicyJohn McMurdy, Biotechnology Advisor, US Agency for International Development

Overview of the USDA Cotton Classification ProgramUSDA

The Future of Organic and Sustainable FibersSandra Marquardt, Organic Exchange

Cotton Industry in PolandMalgorzata Zimniewska, Poland

Cotton Industry in PolandMalgorzata Zimniewska, Poland

Improving Productivity of CottonNoha A.M. Mohamed, Egypt

Improving cotton yield under water limiting conditions in ArgentinaMr. Marcelo J. Paytas, Argentina

Development of Cotton Varieties for Cultivation in Narrow RowsMr. Mauricio A. Tcach, Argentina

Desarrollo de Variedades de Algodón Gossypium hirsutum. L para cultivos en surcos estrechosMr. Mauricio A. Tcach, Argentina

Competitive African Cotton InitiativeMs. Sarah Anna Schneider, Germany

Country Report, PakistanMr Rehmat Ali, Pakistan

Improving Cotton Productivity in South AfricaMs Tilla Pretorius, South Africa

Country Report, Improving Cotton Production in UgandaMs Nabakka Lubwama Damalie, Uganda

Approaches to Improve Cotton Productivity in Zambia
Prospects of Incresing Cotton Products in Sudan                                       

Mr. Joseph Nkole, Zambia          
Abdelmunim Osman Ahmed,Sudan