Workshops & Programs

Research Associates Program 2013

25 March 2013 - 04 April 2013

Washington, DC, USA

The 2012/13 Research Associate Program will be conducted for ten days starting on March 25, 2013 (arrival) and ending on April 4, 2013 (departure).

The theme of the program will be: “Risk Management in the Cotton Industry”. The first week of the program will be conducted at the offices of the Secretariat in Washington DC. Presentations will be made on topics of risk management in cotton production and trade. Participants will be briefed by members of the Secretariat and by experts from the US cotton industry, research institutions, international organizations and the US Department of Agriculture. The program also includes a visit to a cotton producing area in the United States for two or three days.

Participation in the program is open to persons from ICAC member countries, including persons from government agencies, universities and the private sector. Candidates from non-member countries are invited to participate on a tuition basis. The tuition for the program is US$4,000 per participant. Candidates from ICAC member countries will be responsible for their cost of international travel to and from Washington, DC. The ICAC will bear the cost of travel in the USA, including transportation and lodging. Participants will be provided with a per diem amount of US$50/day for food and miscellaneous expenses.

Candidates must apply through Coordinating Agencies or delegates to the Standing Committee by October 31, 2012. It is intended that Research Associates will be selected by the Standing Committee in November 2012 to allow time to apply for visas and to make travel arrangements. In the selection process preference will be given to candidates from member governments who have not participated recently in a research associate program. Research associates are expected to make a presentation on recent developments in their countries as part of the program.