ICAC Cotton Data Book






The report regroups the data and analyses of three major ICAC technical publications, previously released every three years. With this compilation, our subscribers will be updated yearly on the cost of production, the production practices and research in cotton with the addition of the sustainability aspect of the cotton industry. The new improved report contains data from more than 30 countries on the costs of all field operations — starting from presowing to harvesting and ginning — as well as economic and fixed costs are determined and computed to calculate the cost of production of cotton per hectare and per kilogram. It also includes data per country on varieties of cotton and their fibre characteristics, insects, diseases, weeds and the methods used to control them; the use of fertilisers, farm size, rotations, harvesting and ginning. The research part of the publication focuses on research systems, variety approval processes, funding sources, input supplies (seed, fertiliser and pesticides), technology transfer with cotton maps for various countries and a list research institutions/organization, farmers associations, ginners association and textile associations. Released annually during the last quarter of the year.

Format: Soft copy