ICAC Seeks Data Intern for 12-Month Assignment



Location: Home-based 

Type of contract: Internship  

Starting date: March 4, 2024 

Duration of contract: 12 months 

Languages required: English 

Eligibility: Open only to applicants from current ICAC Member countries 

Application deadline: February 25, 2024  

Send CV and cover letter to: lorena@icac.org 



The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) is an organization of currently 27 member countries that share an interest in cotton and the textile value chain. Formed in 1939, it is the only intergovernmental body for cotton producing, consuming, and trading countries and is one of only seven International Commodity Bodies recognized by the United Nations.  

ICAC acts as a catalyst for positive change in the cotton and textile value chain by helping member countries and stakeholders support and improve the global cotton economy. ICAC accomplishes its mission by providing transparency to the world cotton market by serving as a clearinghouse for technical information and analysis on cotton production, consumption, and trade and by serving as a forum for discussing and addressing issues of international significance.  

Some specific areas of focus include textiles and value-added products, sustainability, traceability, and improving farmer livelihoods - all while providing support for the cotton value chain from the farm to textiles, brands, and the consumer.  

The Data Intern will be involved in collecting data on cotton supply, demand, and prices, exploring developments in cotton demand, and evaluating gender equality in cotton production across the 27 ICAC member governments. The incumbent will conduct analysis at the country level, utilizing various data and knowledge sources, to create a detailed and expansive database to facilitate the creation of reports and the formulation of policy recommendations. The insights gained from this analysis will be a significant contribution to the World Textile Demand Report and analysis of gender equality in the cotton industry.  


The data collection and analysis intern will be responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Performing regular data collection on cotton and textiles to gather socio-economic indicators at both national and sub-national levels, utilizing primary or secondary data sources; 
  • Undertaking a desk review for the 27 ICAC member governments to analyze the current status of women's roles in cotton production at both the national and regional levels, utilizing integrated analytics and reviewing available data sources and relevant resources; 
  • Maintaining datasets and systematically coding and entering data points into a centralized dataset, ensuring consistency and transparency in approach;
  • Continuously scanning for new and developing information on cotton, textiles, and gender to increase the accuracy of information;
  • Double-checking data quality through spot-check and verification exercises; 
  • Communicating with relevant government agencies, cotton associations, ginners, and government experts to ensure accurate and timely data collection; 
  • Regularly coordinating with government representatives to address any challenges or discrepancies in data collection processes; 
  • Implementing mechanisms for timely data submission and verification to meet reporting deadlines and maintain data integrity; 
  • Providing insights and feedback on recent developments to ensure data improvements;
  • Interpreting data, analyzing results, and providing ongoing reports that enable tracking various development trends over time; and
  • Collaborating closely with coordinating agencies and cotton associations to streamline data collection processes and ensure alignment with project objectives.


  • The Intern will work under the guidance and direct supervision of the Economist of the International Cotton Advisory Committee-ICAC.
  • The Interns will be given access to relevant information necessary for the execution of the tasks under this assignment.
  • The Intern will be responsible for providing her/his own laptop. 


  • The role is expected to extend over a period of twelve (12) months.  
  • Duty Station: This assignment will be home-based and will report remotely. 


Functional Competencies: 

  • Self-starter; organized and reliable
  • Able to multitask and balance multiple responsibilities
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools

Corporate Competencies: 

  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling the ICAC’s values and ethical standards
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of the ICAC
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Treats all people fairly without favoritism
  • Fulfills all obligations to gender sensitivity and zero tolerance for sexual harassment



Interns are selected on a competitive basis. Applicants to ICAC internships must at the time of application meet one of the following academic requirements: 

  • Be enrolled in a graduate school program (second university degree or equivalent, or higher); 
  • Be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree program (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent); 
  • Have graduated with a university degree (as defined in (a) and (b) above) and, if selected, must start the internship within one-year of graduation; or
  • Be enrolled in a postgraduate professional traineeship program and undertake the internship as part of this program. 


  • Demonstrated experience conducting primary data collection to measure and assess socio-economic impacts (required)
  • Experience conducting analysis on multidimensional development challenges using quantitative and qualitative research methods (required)
  • Experience with macroeconomic or microeconomic analysis including policy scenario analysis (required)


  • Fluency in written and spoken English (required)
  • Knowledge of another ICAC official language (desired)

Area of Consideration: 

  • This position is only open to applicants from current ICAC Member countries. 

Internship Conditions  

Internship within the ICAC is subject to following conditions, which the candidates should familiarize themselves with prior to applying: 

  • ICAC HQ will provide a stipend in the amount of $1,000 monthly for full time internship; 
  • Monthly payment will be transferred directly to the intern's bank account;  
  • Any further costs associated with the internship must be borne by the incumbent; 
  • ICAC does not provide assistance with travel and/or housing; 
  • The purpose of the Internship Program is not to lead to further employment within the ICAC, but to complement an intern’s studies. Therefore, there should be no expectation of employment at the end of an internship; 
  • Intern will need to use their own laptop/notebook and a workstation with internet access;  
  • The intern is not a staff member and may not represent the ICAC in any official capacity; 
  • An intern located in the USA must show proof of a valid visa or proof of residency or citizenship; 
  • The intern must also show proof of health insurance coverage for the internship period.