World Cotton Day Logo and Resources

While the ICAC and its partners are encouraging associations, businesses and individuals to plan and hold their own World Cotton Day celebrations, it's important that we maximise the overall impact of this important day on the public. The best way to do that is to use a common set of images and guidelines to ensure that all of the events around the world are recognised as part of a single, worldwide celebration of cotton.

Please be creative and arrange whatever type of event you feel is best to celebrate World Cotton Day in your community, but we ask that all events around the world use the official World Cotton Day logo and branding practices. This will ensure the world recognises that while the events will be held around the world, it's all part of the same effort to promote the world's most important natural fibre.

While no one is required to have a specific theme, it's the belief of the ICAC that the more we speak with a consitent message at events around the world, the more impact World Cotton Day will have. The primary theme the ICAC and its partners will emphasise is 'Cotton for Good' to reflect the many, many wonderful things that cotton brings to our lives: employment (in some of the word's least-developed countries), use of natural fibres, the many uses of the versatile cotton plant, protecting the environment from plastic polution, and so much more.

On this page you will find:

  • An overview of World Cotton Day
  • A list of event ideas for participating on 7 October
  • The official logo for World Cotton Day is at the top of the page and can be copied via screen capture. If you need a higher-resolution file, or would like the logo text to be changed to another language, please email ICAC Director of Communications Mike McCue:
  • A FREE Toolkit with logos, pre-written text and graphics for posting on social media, guidelines for logo usage and a variety of templates and design files, ready to go! 

If you require the logo as a vector file for printing in a large format, or if you need the files to be provided in a Mac-compatible format, or have questions about the materials above and how to use them, please contact ICAC Director of Communications Mike McCue: 

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