ICAC Elects New Standing Committee Officers during Plenary Meeting in Abidjan


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Date Posted: 20 December 2018



Executive Summary

At the ICAC’s 77th Plenary Meeting in Abidjan, Co^te d’Ivoire:

  • The Steering Committee considered the appointment of three new Standing Committee Officers
  • The three individuals — Mr. Ali Tahir (Chair), Ms. Maha Zakaria (First Vice Chair) and Mr. Selman Kurt (Second Vice Chair) — had already been provisionally approved by the Standing Committee
  • All three were approved and confirmed as ICAC Standing Committee Officers for 2019


ICAC Elects New Standing Committee Officers during Plenary Meeting in Abidjan


One of the most important items of business undertaken during the Plenary Meetings of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) is the appointment of the Officers of the Standing Committee for the coming year. On 6 December in Abidjan, Co^te d’Ivoire, the following individuals were named Standing Committee Officers for 2019:

·      Mr. Ali Tahir of Pakistan as Chair

·      Ms. Maha Zakaria of Egypt as First Vice Chair

·      Mr. Selman Kurt of Turkey as Second Vice Chair

The Standing Committee meets in Washington, DC, at the ICAC Secretariat’s offices, or a member’s embassy, every two months to receive updates on the ICAC’s activities.

‘I am honoured to serve as the Chair of the ICAC Standing Committee for 2019’, said Mr. Tahir, who works as Trade and Economic Minister at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, DC. ‘I and my colleagues look forward to providing guidance to ICAC on matters of strategic significance to ensure that the organisation continues to operate efficiently and provide value to its members’.

According to ICAC Executive Director Kai Hughes: ‘With Mr. Tahir, Ms. Zakaria and Mr. Kurt in the top leadership positions, I am confident we have the right people in place to help guide the ICAC in 2019. It will be a critical year for the future of the organisation, which is reinventing itself to meet future challenges to the global cotton industry, and we are fortunate to have a strong leadership team in place on our Standing Committee’.



About the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC)

Formed in 1939, the ICAC is an association of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. It acts as a catalyst for change by helping member countries maintain a healthy world cotton economy; provides transparency to the world cotton market by serving as a clearinghouse for technical information on cotton production; and serves as a forum for discussing cotton issues of international significance. The ICAC does not have a role in setting market prices or in intervening in market mechanisms. For more information, please visit www.icac.org.


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