Truth About Cotton Category List

CategoryId Title Desription Action
1 Synthetic

Cotton’s chief competitor, synthetic fibres, are made from oil and are the cause of unsustainable microfibre pollution in the world's waterways.

2 Water Contrary to popular belief, cotton is not a thirsty crop. It's a xerophyte, so it thrives in dry, arid conditions where other crops can't grow.
5 Land Usage Talk about efficiency! Cotton occupies a mere 3% of the world's agricultural area -- yet it meets 36% of the world's textile needs.
6 Innovation Researchers around the world are working to give cotton similar properties to synthetic fibres — without the plastic pollution.
7 Consumer Preference The people have spoken: Cotton is indeed the fabric of our lives, and these are just a few of the reasons why it always will be.
8 Cotton Plant Cotton is a tough, hardy, flexible plant that is indeterminate in nature and can be grown all year long even in harsh conditions. 
9 Social Impact Hundreds of millions of people around the world depend on cotton to earn a living — especially in less developed countries.
11 Non-Fibre Uses Cotton is used to make a lot more than comfortable fabric! It produces food for people and livestock, and also can be used as a fertiliser.
13 Miscellaneous The cotton plant is so flexible, not all of its uses can be fit into categories. You'll find more #Truth about cotton here.
15 Organic Have you ever wondered, ‘What, exactly, is the difference between organic and conventional cotton?’ If so, you've come to the right place.
16 Pesticides
No organisation in the world tracks applications of pesticides on crops — but this is what we do know about cotton's usage.